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 S.T.A.T/Lighthouse School  


Students & Teachers Accessing Tomorrow (S.T.A.T.) is a fundamental shift in teaching and learning to meet Baltimore County Public Schools’ (BCPS) Theory of Action:  To equip every student with the critical 21st century skills needed to be globally competitive; BCPS must ensure that every school has an equitable, effective digital learning environment. All students will have access to a digital learning device and personalized, blended, interactive curriculum.


S.T.A.T. is the multi-year transformation of BCPS into a complete 21st century technology learning environment to prepare globally-competitive graduates. BCPS is first redesigning curriculum in the core content areas to redefine what instruction will look like in a blended learning environment, while placing a stronger emphasis on critical thinking and analytical skills. This transformation is necessary to provide personalized learning to our increasingly diverse student population at a time when the economy requires more from our students for future success.


Baltimore County Public Schools will use the HP EliteBook© Revolve 810 G2. This is the learning tool of choice to begin the pilot phase of the BCPS system-wide conversion to a 1:1 digital learning environment.


When will the device be available to teachers and students?

The current plan is for teachers and students to receive devices on the following timeline:

  • Spring 2014 All Instructional Staff PreK–12
  • 2014–2015 Students at Lighthouse Schools, Grades 1–3
  • 2015–2016 Students at Lighthouse Schools, Grades K, 4, 5

Students at all elementary schools, Grades 1–3

  • 2016–2017 Students at all elementary schools, Grades K, 4, 5

Students at all middle schools

  • 2017–2018 Students at all high schools


Will my student bring the device home?

The current plan is that the student devices will stay in the building at the primary level, and that devices will go home with the students at the secondary level (Grades 6–12). It is undetermined if devices will go home at Grades 3 through 5.


What will happen if my child damages the device?

The HP Elitebook Revolve 810 G2 was selected for its premium materials like, scratch resistant glass, magnesium chassis and spill resistant backlit keyboard. However, accidents do happen. Each device comes with an accidental damage warranty. Each student and teacher will receive information regarding the proper care and feeding of the HP Elitebook Revolve 810 G2 when they receive the device.


What is a Lighthouse School?

BCPS Lighthouse Schools will lead the way for the S.T.A.T. initiative. BCPS used a multi-step process to select the Lighthouse Schools. Five schools were previously identified, and five were selected through an application process. The ten Lighthouse Elementary Schools are: Chase, Church Lane, Edmondson Heights, Fort Garrison, Halstead, Hawthorne, Joppa View, Lansdowne, Rodgers Forge, and the new school being built in the Mays Chapel area. The Lighthouse Schools will be the first in the system to receive individual digital learning devices for students; implement one-to-one personalized and blended learning; and create an innovative, comprehensive digital learning culture. Lighthouse Schools will become model demonstration sites, with a Teacher Leader Corp (TLC) turning their classrooms into learning labs.  For more information please visit


Instructional Digital Conversion

The foundation of the Instructional Digital Conversion is to equip every student with the critical 21st century skills needed to be globally competitive. Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) must ensure that every school has an equitable, effective digital learning environment. This means that all students will have access to a digital learning device and personalized, blended, interactive curriculum. Because all teachers will facilitate learning that includes the use of technology, BCPS is committed to preparing and expecting all teachers to appropriately integrate technology through systemic professional development. Technology instruction for students will no longer be offered in an isolated manner for certain groups or grades of students.


Eight Instructional Digital Conversions

  • Curriculum:  BCPS teachers are creating a digitally enhanced curriculum that redefines how to deliver instruction in a blended learning environment while raising expectations with new academic standards that place greater emphasis on critical thinking and analytical skills. To prepare globally competitive graduates, technology will be integrated into all academic disciplines, K–12.
  • Instruction:  All BCPS teachers will facilitate learning that includes the use of technology where appropriate. BCPS One will offer a single interface for students and teachers to access blended curriculum content including digital resources for teaching and learning.
  • Assessment:  BCPS One will give teachers the ability to easily access and administer curriculum-aligned formative and summative assessments. PARCC, SAT, PSAT and county benchmark results, as well as other systemwide assessment results, will also be accessible through BCPS One. A systemwide grade book will be utilized by all teachers, with real-time access for students and parents.
  • Organization Development:  BCPS will build capacity through continuous professional learning opportunities identified in a strategic and systemic organizational development plan. The first phase focuses on all school-based administrators, S.T.A.T. teachers, and instructional and central office staff. Additional professional learning opportunities will begin with Lighthouse Schools.
  • Infrastructure:  BCPS is currently updating its infrastructure to support S.T.A.T. by issuing mobile devices to instructional staff and students and by updating networks to ensure all schools are fully wireless. Additionally, BCPS has partnered with the Baltimore County Public Library to enable students to access the BCPS network in any county library.
  • Policy:  Current BCPS policies are under review and revision in order to support the needs of the S.T.A.T. program including 4104 Personnel Policy and Rule, 6202 Instruction Policy and Rule, and 6002 Instruction Policy and Rule.
  • Budget:  The significant changes necessary within BCPS to engage a growing and diverse student population and prepare students for college, career, and life will require substantial financial investment. Budgets are being adjusted to support this effect.
  • Communication:  On January 10, 2014, students announced the formal name of S.T.A.T (Students and Teachers Accessing Tomorrow). For information and updates, please visit



What does that mean for Joppa View Elementary School?  
Well…several changes with lots of support. We will get into these 
changes during the first week back to school, 
but keep the following quote in mind 
(Time for an inspirational quote!) 
“Just keep going like crazy and look back when it is over. 
Otherwise you just get confused.” – Cliff Burton